If you find that an RDS server functions best below a certain number of connections, you could configure the maximum connections to this threshold.You are still legally limited to the number of licenses you've purchased for the server.

Then, when users connect and authenticate, the session will start with the credentials you provided. 中国 - 简体中文

Magyarország - Magyar If redirection is not disabled, users have the ability to select or deselect redirection for individual items on a per-connection basis.

You can reduce some of the capabilities to provide better performance.For example, you can reduce the color depth if users are connecting over a slow connection. In very large organizations, you can use multiple licensing servers. Wait untill the role is installed. Welcome to the Remote Desktop Licensing website.

It will force users to always provide a password even if they've configured their password to be saved. Right-click the license server, and then click Activate Server.

The license server ID is displayed in the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager tool.

For most users and most applications, the reduced color depth may not be noticeable, while the increased speed will be greatly appreciated.Figure 25.28 shows the Client Settings tab. For example, a Windows Server 2016 RDS license server can host licenses from all previous versions of RDS, while a Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS license server can only host licenses up to Windows Server 2012 R2.The following table shows which RDS CAL and license server versions are compatible with each other. 대한민국 - 한국어 The licensing server must first be activated before you can install the licenses.After you've configured your RDS environment, you'll want to configure the license server. Select Remote Desktop Licensing as the role service.. You can also interact with sessions from this tool using Remote Control.When you launch the Remote Desktop Services Manager from the computer hosting the RD Session Host server, the local server will automatically be added. 中国 - 简体中文 Unfortunately, though, Remote Desktop Manager is slightly expensive. Licenses are purchased through a variety of different methods, depending on your company's relationship with Microsoft, such as the following:If you have one of these agreements with Microsoft, the best way to obtain licenses is through this agreement.

Many companies provide this notification in an acceptable use policy.The Client Settings tab is useful if your users are experiencing performance issues. The Remote Desktop Session Host server is in Per User licensing mode and No Redirector Mode, but license server Server01.domain.com does not have any installed licenses with the following attributes: Product version: Windows Server 2016 Licensing mode: Per User License type: RDS CALs You could use a Windows Global group to organize the users, add them to the Security page, and allow Full Control permissions.The Edit Settings property page includes four tabs. This is done on the Licensing tab of the RDP-Tcp Connections Properties dialog box where you identify the type of RDS CALs used for the server (per user or per device).If you've performed the steps in this chapter to install and configure an RD Session Host server, you can configure the RD Licensing Manager by following these steps:Darril Gibson has earned 19 Microsoft certifications and has also written Aidan Finn is the systems and infrastructure manager for Wendy Henry has been in the IT business for 19 years and has certifications from Microsoft, Novell and Cisco. Requiring the help-desk professional to request permission from the employee to connect is often just an extra step that isn't required. 香港特別行政區 - 繁體中文

You use RD Licensing to install, issue, and track RDS CALs.When a user or a device connects to an RD Session Host server, the RD Session Host server determines if an RDS CAL is needed. As long as the user didn't write down their password on a little yellow sticky attached to the monitor, the attack is thwarted.The Sessions tab can be used to override user settings for how to handle disconnected sessions, active session limits, and idle session limits. As a reminder, it's recommended to postpone configuring a licensing server until your RD Session Host servers are up and running. Launch the RDS license manager In Windows Server 2008 R2, click Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

The Per User model would be best for environments where users have their own dedicated Windows device to access the RD Session Host(s).To ensure you are in compliance with the Remote Desktop Services license terms, track the number of RDS Per User CALs used in your organization and be sure to have enough RDS Per User CALs installed on the license server for all of your users.You can use the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager to track and generate reports on RDS Per User CALs.The RDS CAL for your users or devices must be compatible with the version of Windows Server that the user or device is connecting to.