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You personally play a very important role in making sure your customers don’t get sick, hospitalized, or even die as a result of foodborne illness.So whether your current employment is a job or a career, you should always remember that the health and safety of your customers is in your hands. GREAT JOB! I’m going to recommend it to everyone I work with, and all my friends that take care of me at the bar. Because you’ll learn valuable information that will keep people safe, including yourself and your coworkers. B.may arrest for possession of intoxicants on public grounds C.shall seize the intoxicating beverages and delivers it to the county attorney or D.A correct answer is D .both and C it is unlawful to consume an alcoholic beverga on a public street alley or sidewalk with _____feet of the public school

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He is on lesson 2, skit 3.

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